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Most users sort their files according to date and time information in order to easily differentiate between different versions without much hassle. Timestamps found in the properties of files contain information regarding when the file was created, when was it modified the last time and the most recent date and time it was accessed by someone. This allows you to quickly search a certain cluster of files that were created, modified, or accessed at a particular date, as well as group them together. By default, Windows only permit removing the metadata items one by one using the File Properties dialog, and you have to use third-party applications for updating file access, creation, and modification date and timestamp information in a batch. EXIF Date Changer is one such application for Windows that allows you to easily change the date and time stamp of images. You can adjust the time to a value of your choice, or increment the current date and time with a specified amount, down to a specific date, hour, minute and second.

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