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The basic purpose of the hosts file in Windows and other operating systems is to associate host names with IP addresses. Whenever you type in a URL in your browser, the computer looks it up in the hosts file first and tries to find its IP address. If the IP address is not available in the host file, it will consult the ISP in order to call the website. Since the file is in plain text, you can easily edit it using any text editor, such as Notepad, in order to redirect TCP/IP traffic in special circumstances. It can be used to prevent access to different web servers including those where advertisements are hosted. In fact the ad blockers we use with our browsers also take advantage of the hosts file in order to stop ads from appearing on webpages. Also, web developers set up host files in order to test the performance of websites in development, for QA during production, etc. Today, we bring to you an open source tool for Windows called Hosts Switcher that lets you quickly switch between different hosts files without messing with the original one. Once a hosts file is added to the program, you can make it the default profile with just a single click.

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