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Most of us are on Facebook or Twitter, or any of the other social networking websites that have been rocking the cyber world since the days of Orkut and MySpace. There are, however, times when you wish that you could enjoy the perks offered by these services minus the social part of them. Google+, and even Facebook, lay special stress upon users to join their sites using their original identity. What none offers is a Hyde Park to express your thoughts without revealing your identity. It’s those times that Vibe iOS app looks to cater to. Using this app, iPhone and iPad users can broadcast what’s on their mind without having to think about the consequences.

Vibes Feed

Being an anonymous social network, Vibe doesn’t require you to sign up for any sort of account. Just fire up the app, and you are ready to start new vibes. The new messages can be displayed both in Threaded or Flat form, and you can view vibes sorted on the basis of location range. This means you will view Vibes from all other users who have chosen to display their messages in your selected area.

Vibe Settings When creating a new vibe, you have the option to select a time period for which your message will be visible. After that, it will automatically be deleted. There is also the option to choose a range (miles or kilometer-wise) to which your vibe will be broadcasted. The vibes you share with the world are not just text; they can also include media like photos, video links and photos snapped from the phone’s camera, too.

That’s pretty much it, and the app is free, so do give it a try at the download link given below.

Download Vibe

[via AppAdvice]

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