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A few days back, we covered Smart Dialer, a homebrew for Windows Phone 7 that brought the feature of contact suggestions as you keyed in a number. With Mango, however, most homebrews are no longer working, and even if they are, a majority of users lost their jailbreak when they upgraded to WP7’s latest update. Taking the basic idea from that homebrew, and adding some useful functionality of its own, TrueDialer is a complete and comprehensive dialer app for your Windows Phone, and is very likely to replace the stock dialing tile on your start screen.

TrueDialerTrueDialer Online SearchTrueDialer Directory

Smart Dialing:

TrueDialer is just like WP7’s stock dialer in terms of user interface. It’s once you start keying in a number you want to dial that you begin to see the difference. The app will generate suggestions based on the people you have in your phone’s contact list. It will also keep your past searches saved to help you maintain an alternate call register. If you want, you can add a person to the People hub by inputting the contact number and then hitting the ‘+’ button once it becomes active.

Online Directory Search:

While that sums up the smart dialing part of the app, there’s more to TrueDialer than that. If it does not find a specific number among your existing contacts, it will perform an online search for that number and will come up with the name and address listed against it, no matter where in the world it is located.

The app is, of course, free, and can be found at the Web Marketplace link given below.

Download TrueDialer

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