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YouTube Link Box is one Chromeextension that can enhance your YouTube experience, making your searches faster without the need for opening a new tab or browserwindow. This new extension is pretty slick and easy to use, quickly making into the list of my favorites.

Once installed, a button is added to the URL toolbar and gives you control over YouTube music and videos.  When clicked, a search box appears, awaiting your input for any video. A list is displayed with the related searches as you key in your query.


On selecting one of the suggested search results, thumbnails of all related videos open up in a popup. Clicking any thumbnail will maximizes and play your YouTube video in full-screen mode. The popup has a back and forward arrow, allowing you to navigate between pages of search results. Since videos launch in a new tab, you can select multiple ones from the thumbnails one after the other.


YouTube Link Box is an eye-candy extension that comes in quite handy in time-saving. Frequent users of YouTube might find themselves using this extension pretty regularly, and you can grab it at the link below.

Install YouTube Link Box For Chrome

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