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If you have an Outlook account with an alias set up, setting it up as your default Live ID on a Windows Phone can pose a myriad of tricky problems. Outlook aliases are a rather new introduction by Microsoft and while they can add convenience to your email experience, setting up an alias on a WP8 or Mango phone is usually a nightmare, specially if your Live ID is based on a non-Microsoft email address such as Gmail. Your emails might not sync properly, Windows Phone might threaten to wipe all your past purchases or your ID may not get accepted as the default phone account in the first place. Luckily, there is a solution to all these problems.

This solution lies hidden underneath a few error messages and clever configuration steps and requires no third-party tools or commands, so anyone should be able to follow these steps with ease. Although the following method has only been tested for Live IDs based on Gmail, it is quite possible that things will work out for Live IDs registered with Yahoo-based accounts and other non-Microsoft accounts as well.


  1. Go the ‘Settings’ menu in your device and select ‘email+accounts’.WP Account Options
  2. Select ‘Outlook’ from the list of available services.
  3. Input any gibberish in the email address field (should contain @ and .com) that does not end @gmail.com, @yahoo.com or any such major service. The password should be the correct one, however. This will generate an error message and bring up two additional fields.WP Account Details
  4. Now, change the dummy data you entered earlier in ‘Email address’ to your Outlook alias. In ‘User name’, enter your actual Google.com-based Live ID. Without changing anything else, hit ‘sign in’.
  5. You should now see this popup; hit ‘Advanced’ from among the offered options.WP Account Advanced
  6. From the advanced settings page, tap the ‘show all settings’ button located at the bottom of the screen.WP Account Outlook Settings
  7. In the box marked ‘server’, enter

    and check the ‘server requires encrypted (SSL) connection’ box below it.Outlook server

That’s all there is to it – now you can sign in and use your Gmail-based Live ID on a Windows Phone 8 device. Before you hit ‘Sign in’ though, it is better if you choose the content that you want Outlook to sync with your phone, as otherwise your phone might be flooded with unwanted data. This procedure should work for older WP7 devices too, since there isn’t much different between the account configuration of both versions of Windows Phone. It goes without saying that for best results, you should not have a Live ID already set up on your device, since you want to make the Gmail account your default ID on the phone.

[via MobilityDigest]

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