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The tradition of using web services through a web browser has lately been dwindling down due to dedicated apps for these services becoming available across most platforms. Previously, we covered a Windows application called Pokki that brings an impressive number of web apps, games and some useful tools right to your Windows taskbar for quick access. Not only does it sport a gorgeous UI, it also throws in a huge library of web apps at your disposal right in your Windows taskbar, including services like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Gmail, eBay, and whatnot. Cubiez is pretty much a Pokki clone that aims to serve the exact same purpose, in pretty much the same way. So what does it offer and how does it compare to Pokki? Let’s find out after the jump.

While Cubiez doesn’t seem to offer any clear advantage over Pokki at the moment, it is always good to have multiple competing products in the same category, as it offers the end-user more choices and gives the developers of such products an incentive to innovate. That said, Cubiez is still in early beta and thus, the overall app selection it currently offers is understandably quite limited. However, it does look promising, provided the developers polish it further down the road and expand the apps collection significantly.

Cubiez boasts a fine looking interface. Upon installation, it places a minuscule button on the Taskbar which, when clicked, opens up a Pokki-esque UI. The interface houses different apps, allowing you to install them. As mentioned earlier, the total number of available apps is currently very limited, though it’s good enough for a start. The collection includes Google Search, Imgur, Calculator, Lottery Results, Facebook, Weather, NewHub, Greeting, MLB and 9GAG. To download an app, all you have to do is click the Install button right next to its title and it will be added to the Taskbar with its own icon.


Apps like Facebook and Google search are definitely worth a try. The latter lets you google your queries right from your desktop, while the former can be used to access the social network without firing up the web browser. Another useful tool is the Calculator app that might come in handy at instantly dealing with those pesky math calculations.


The apps list includes 9gag’s client as well. While, I mostly rely on Firefox to surf 9gag in my leisure time, it’s good to have quick access to those funny pics right from your taskbar. Don’t blame us though, if it gets excessively distracting.


All your installed applications also appear under the ‘My Cubiez’ section within the main interface. This allows you to uninstall any unwanted app any time you desire. Other than that, there isn’t much to tinker with.

All in all, Cubiez looks like a great application, but right now it doesn’t have much on offer above Pokki. I also faced a few bugs during testing, such as apps not being pinned to the taskbar correctly, and some performance issues here and there. Though being in early beta, that’s expected, and hopefully these glitches would be ironed out in the stable release. Cubiez works on Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8.

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