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Any information is only as credible as its source – this goes without saying. For frequent readers of Wikipedia, scrolling down a lengthy article time and time over to check references at the bottom of the page, and keeping track of where you left off, can be very frustrating. Footnotify is a Firefox add-on that displays footnotes as a pop-over box without disrupting your flow of reading. For now, footnotes on major websites like Wikipedia, Daring Fireball and Brooks Review are enhanced with this extension.

Once installed, clicking the footnote will result in a popup box detailing the reference, and you can also open the link in a new window if wish to do so. The popped-up footnote also features a visual effect, in that it dims the background as the pop-up is displayed. To continue reading, click anywhere outside the box and it will disappear.

Footnotify: Quickly View Footnotes On Wikipedia Major Websites [Firefox]

As stated above, the add-on similarly works for John Gruber’s Daring Fireball and Brooks Review. Footnotify makes the entire reading experience pleasant and faster, not to mention more authentic. Support for more websites may come in future, so keep an eye out if you’re an avid online reader and researcher.

Install Footnotify Add-on For Firefox

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