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Red Bull’s presence in extreme sports and Formula 1 has elevated it to a status that is far beyond a mere energy drink. The corporation has recently been involved in “Stratos”, the project that resulted in Felix Baumgartner’s historic space jump. In fact, there is so much going on under Red Bull’s wings that all the extreme sports and racing enthusiasts really needed something like World of Red Bull. This Nokia-exclusive Windows Phone app has all the news, event details and latest videos related to the brand. There is so much on offer that World of Red Bull comes with the option to let users create their own customized feed by adding their favorite sports and athletes.

World of Red Bull WP

The app has a rather unique interface, and only works in landscape mode (something that is quite rare for Windows Phone apps). Some users might like it, but the “infinite” grid can be a bit confusing and messy at times.

The tiles present on the main page are a decent mix of featured posts and complete menus. The app’s settings menu too is buried somewhere in this sea of tiles. Settings allow users to configure their Red Bull profile and connect social networks with the app.

World of Red Bull WP Sports  World of Red Bull WP Athlete

Following are the main sections that make up World of Red Bull.

Athletes & Teams: The app does not let you search for a particular athlete or team, so you will have to go through its alphabetically ordered lists manually to find who you’re looking for. All athletes and Red Bull teams have dedicated pages, where you can view latest news stories related to them and keep track of their recent performance.

Events: Wondering when a Red Bull event is going to take place in your city? Head to the “Near Me” section or use the “Nearby” filter in “Events”. It is also possible to look for events in other parts of the world and from the past.

News & Culture: Red Bull blogs, gaming reviews and podcasts can all be found in the News section. Culture covers all the non-sporting activities that are sponsored by the brand (like dancing, gaming and music).

Videos: This is probably the reason most users will download the app. Every exclusive Red Bull video is available in this section and can be streamed in the app’s native player.

World of Red Bull WP Map If you don’t want to wade through the tiles to find relevant content, there is the option of using the “Map” to look for videos and events with respect to their location of origin. The Map menu has filters for limiting your search to nearby locations or looking for a particular category of items.

Every interesting story or item you find in the app can be added to the “My Red Bull” tile. World of Red Bull lets you view those stories and their updates in one place, and even suggests similar content.

World of Red Bull has just been added to the Nokia collection, and you can find it on your Lumia by searching in the Marketplace or tapping the following link from your phone. The app works with both Mango and Windows Phone 8 devices by Nokia.

Download World of Red Bull For Windows Phone

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