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Released by the creators of Bloom* for iOS, Juice is another motivational app for iPhone users. Even if you feel the need to be inspired right now, this gorgeous app is still worth a download just for its delicious interface. There are a lot of similar apps in the App Store, but they try to motivate users in the age-old way of presenting quotes or video lectures. Juice, on the other hand, makes a game out of inspiring you to change your lifestyle for the better and pinpointing the flaws of your current habits. The app deals with habits related to nutrition, sleep, fitness and work. All you have to do is mark your current state of mind and let the app’s intuitive interface guide you for the rest. Juice also has an impressive collection of tips, with contributions from top experts in relevant fields. If you have been hitherto wondering why the app is named Juice, it is because your energy level is represented in the form of a bottle of juice.

Juice iOS Meter  Juice iOS Instructions  Juice iOS Task

To explain its purpose and working, Juice starts with a tutorial and even offers an introductory video. The tutorial also gets users to sign up for a Mindbloom account (you should already have one if you use Bloom*).

There are no boring menus in the app; everything has to be controlled using the juice bottle on the screen. Choose your own energy from a range of “awful” to “great” to get started. The next step is to select the “Ingredient” you want to tinker with. By default, there are “Sleep”, “Exercise” and “Nutrition”, with additional ingredients available through in-app purchases or after regular use of the app. Entering each ingredient’s menu brings up a rating screen, where you have to mark your current condition. You can also add notes to a day’s activities or view your stats from the past weeks.

Juice iOS Settings  Juice iOS Tips  Juice iOS Tip

Each day, Juice will send you push notifications as reminders for tracking your performance. At the end of a week, a report is generated that contains stats for past data and tips for improving your habits. Before the first week is over, you should be able to view daily tips that Juice deems appropriate for you.

The app also allows you to manually browse through its tips from the “Energy Tips” section on the bottle. You can add tips you like to your favorites, or share them over Facebook.

Juice is a free iPhone and iPod touch app. The link provided below will take you to its App Store page.

Download Juice For iOS

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