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Dial is a new Cydia tweak that offers a gesture-controlled shortcut to dialing numbers on your iPhone. If you are playing a game or watching a video, there is no need to quit it and go all the way to the Phone or Messages app to place a call. Simply perform the gesture used to invoke the App Switcher tray or Siri, and a compact dialer with a shortcut to messaging will pop up over the screen. Users can choose whether they want to replace Siri or the App Switcher with the dialer, or use it in conjunction with the stock options. Another option on offer is to replace the entire Spotlight search area with the dialer.

Dial Cydia SettingsDial Cydia Keypad

Dial has to be configured from the menu it adds to the stock Settings app before it can be used. Start with turning the tweak on using the top most toggle in the list. As mentioned earlier, there are two default gestures that can be associated with Dial; the Home button short-hold used for Siri and the Hom button double-tap used for the App Switcher. The Replace section will disable the stock feature associated with the chosen gesture, and replace it completely with the dialer. To keep Siri and App Switcher functional, use one of the Open With options. Whenever you double-tap the Home button in this case, a dialog box will come up but only after you have dismissed the App Switcher tray. The same will happen for Siri.

If you don’t want to disturb either of the two, you may resort to the experimental Open With SpotLight toggle, that is, if you don’t use Spotlight search that often. The feature may be in beta, but it seemed to work perfectly fine for us every time we swiped to the Spotlight.

Coming to the dialer itself, all you need to do is enter a phone number and hit the Call or Text button. Hitting the first button will initiate the call straight away, while Text will open the message composition screen in the stock SMS app. A huge drawback of Dial is its inability to integrate with your contacts, but you can paste numbers in its text box when required you don’t have them memorized by heart. This can prove to be handy if, say, you find a phone number while browsing the web.

Dial is a $0.99 tweak available in the BigBoss repo. If you think the price tag is worth the functionality on offer, feel free to give it a try, though we have to say that Dial could certainly use a decent update, one that brings Activator and contacts integration to the mix.

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