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The inclusion of Kids Corner in Windows Phone 8 indicates that Microsoft is serious about making their mobile platform the best choice for parents. Admittedly, iOS has more and better apps for children, but you can’t just hand your iPhone to a toddler and not worry about dozens of photos of their nose getting posted to Twitter, as Jessica Alba pointed out in the WP8 launch event. The Windows Phone Store has more than 120,000 apps now, and quite a few of them focus on children and parenting. Unfortunately, it’s not always easy to find these apps simply by searching the store. That’s where the website comes in, listing all the best and top rated apps for kids. While the website itself can prove to be quite handy, what’s better than carrying it’s official mobile client with you on your phone at all times? App Discovery by Windows Phone Parent lets you browse and easily install all the best apps for your children, right from your Windows Phone.

App Discovery WP Parent Discover  App Discovery WP Parent Featured  App Discovery WP Parent Videos

The Discover page lists three options. You can use it to look for apps for kids, apps for parents and top reviews. If you don’t want to delve into these comprehensive options, simply swipe to the right and go through the featured apps. There are just six featured apps at any given time, but the section keeps getting updated quite regularly, and most of the entries there are worthy of a download. In Videos, you will find YouTube links to content related to Windows Phone apps and their usage by kids.

App Discovery WP Parent Category  App Discovery WP Parent Age  App Discovery WP Parent List

App Discovery has some powerful categorization features, allowing users to narrow down their search to find the perfect app for their kids. In both parents and kids sections, you can browse through the apps by category or by age group. Of course, the categories differ in parents and children sections, but you will find all niches covered quite comprehensively. In the discovery section, there is nothing but a few descriptive words against each app. Tapping an app’s icon will take you to its Windows Phone Store page for further info or installation.

App Discovery WP Parent App  App Discovery WP Parent Negative Review  App Discovery WP Parent Positive Review

The top reviews area is unique, and all apps that make it there have in-depth reviews written by the Windows Phone Parent team itself. It would have been awesome if there were similar reviews for all apps listed in App Discovery, but managing that might become close to impossible as the Windows Phone Store grows in app count.

App Discovery is a free app, and compatible with both Mango and Windows Phone 8. Head to the following link to download it to your device.

Download App Discovery For Windows Phone

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