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Camera360 has been a favorite among both Android and iOS users for quite some time now, and many people use it as a default photo editor for their phone. Since the app is so successful, there has never been any real need to change it in a big way, but that doesn’t mean the team behind the app has stopped being creative. HelloCamera is the Camera360 dev team’s newest addition to the photography genre of the App Store. While some areas of HelloCamera are reminiscent of its predecessor, the app has a sleeker, futuristic interface and comes with the ability to intelligently apply the most suitable photo effects to your photos (much like previously reviewed . You can manually choose filters as well, both while shooting photos and editing them. A decent native photo gallery and a comprehensive sharing menu add icing to the app’s impressive feature list.

HelloCamera iOS Effects  HelloCamera iOS Share

The app starts with an overlaid tutorial, but you aren’t likely to really need that, as the app comprises just one major screen – the viewfinder. The viewfinder has two main buttons; the middle one lets you choose filter genre while the one located in the bottom-right corner lets you select frames.

Like quite a few other camera replacement apps, HelloCamera provides live (or real-time) effects and frames. The dial in the middle can be rotated to navigate to the category of your choice. Rather than giving unhelpful, arbitrary names to these categories, the app suggests the occasions or ambience for which a particular set will come in handy. The available options include the likes of Food, Night, Scenery, Portrait and Stills. To switch between all the effects listed under each genre, swipe across the screen. To simplify matters, HelloCamera offers an Auto option on the radial menu. If you go for Auto, you won’t have to worry about choosing the best filter as the app itself will take note of the scene in the viewfinder and come up with the perfect effect for it, all by itself.

When it comes to frames, there is no way of viewing them as a list, but you can switch between them by repeatedly hitting the button in the bottom-right corner. The share menu includes Facebook, Twitter, Weibo and some other social networks.

HelloCamera iOS Gallery  HelloCamera iOS Calendar  HelloCamera iOS Edit

In order to make changes to a photo that is already in the camera roll, hit the bubble in the bottom-left corner of the main screen. There are two ways of viewing your photo collection in HelloCamera. It is possible to scroll through them in a continuous stream, or view them as a timeline on a calendar. There are shortcuts for sharing and editing photos in this section as well. The editing options are the same as those offered in the live (camera) view, albeit displayed in a less fancy, list-based interface.

Although it would be natural for HelloCamera to remain under Camera360’s shadow, but considering what it offers, we’re confident it’ll be able to establish its own identity. Even if you are already using another camera app, HelloCamera is most likely to add something unique. Give this iPhone-optimized app a shot by heading to the link below and downloading it for free.

Download HelloCamera For iOS

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