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Recently, I switched from one laptop to another, and anyone who has every done it before, knows how time taking it can be. Setting up the operating system, installing drives and getting all the programs we use is one thing, but you also have to copy all the data from your old computer to your new one. The different types of data including your documents, images, music, videos, archives etc., are all saved in different locations. If you have personalized your internet browser, you also need to copy the profile of the browser you are using, as well as all the fonts you have accumulated over time. Normally, you have to look for all this data manually and transfer them to the other system. Wouldn’t it be easier if all the data could be selected instantly without having to navigate around in different folders and hard drive volumes? Gotcha! Backup Utility does exactly that. It provides you with a complete list of all the important data under one roof.

Other than transferring the data to a new computer, the application can also be used to backup data before reinstalling Windows. All the locations, where important data is saved, are included inside the interface allowing a quick and easy way to backup your data. The program is also capable of automatically detecting if there are more than one drive containing Windows, attached to the computer. The application allows you to backup the data, both locally and remotely: you can choose the local hard drive, a removable storage, or a network computer. The list of items to backup is divided into two parts: System and User. System includes Fonts, Drivers, Shared Docs and Office and Windows Product Key, while the User contains all your personal files stored in Desktop, Favorites, Music, Pictures, Videos, Documents, Windows Mail, MS Outlook, Outlook Express, Chrome, Firefox (profile) and Downloads.

You have the option to either copy or move files to a new directory. To backup the data, just select the items you want to keep, specify a Backup Location, choose if you want to copy or move the files, and click Backup.

Gotcha! Backup Utility

The backup process is instantly started and the total time depends on the number of files you have selected. A bar displays the progress of the backup process in the lower part of the interface.

Gotcha! Backup Utility Running

Gotcha! Backup Utility seamlessly creates a backup of all the selected data and allows you to save time normally wasted in trying to find data scattered across different folders and hard drive volumes. Gotcha Backup Utility works on both 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8.

Download Gotcha! Backup Utility

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