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Flipboard might be the most popular newsreader available for iOS, but it isn’t the only good news app available in the App Store. Summly might not be as good-looking as Flipboard, but it definitely has its perks. The iPhone app focuses on providing its users with an efficient and fast news medium. For starters, you don’t have to configure anything, as Summly will intelligently aggregate all the relevant stories based on your current location and social media activities. The stories generated by the app are in the form of short summaries that cover the essential aspects of the article. To top it all off, the interface is really intuitive, where everything can be controlled via gestures.

Summly iOS Cover  Summly iOS Home  Summly iOS Summary List

Summly has been around for iPhone for quite a while, but its new update has completely revamped the app. You will still get the same newsreader, but everything about its interface and working has changed for the better. As we have already mentioned, you don’t have to manually configure your feeds and news sources; the app will take care of everything. The main page contains tiles for all the news categories deemed appropriate for you by Summly. While all other tiles contain topics, the first one, titled Coverpage, displays the overall summary of the app. You should head to this section if you want to see the count for all unread items, along with the most recent unopened story’s title.

While Summly takes matters into its own hands initially, you can manually manage the default tiles and sources pretty easily by navigating to the bottom of the main page and selecting the ‘+’ tile. From the area that follows, users can remove existing categories and add new ones. The settings icon in the top-right corner lets you associate Facebook with the app and also contains a Social Personality option, enabling which allows the app to access your social media updates and arrange your news tiles according to what it finds there.

Summly iOS Summary  Summly iOS Detailed Story

So, how exactly can you start reading in Summly? To view the complete list of unread articles under any category, just swipe its tile to the right. To dive into the reader and skip the list, tap the tile once. Users can browse all articles filed under a particular topic through simple left and right swipes. Double tap the screen to read the full story, instead of just a 400-word summary. Long-tapping any part of the summary bring up sharing options, which include Facebook, Twitter and email, while hitting the star icon saves the item for offline reading.

A lot of people have been complaining that the app’s controls are a tad confusing, but we felt right at home with them after a brief test run. The interface is really clean, and is sure to look great on the iPad’s bigger screen, if the tablet version of Summly ever comes out, that is. Until then, enjoy the app on your iPhone or iPod touch by grabbing it from the link provided below.

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