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The iOS App Store has a pretty well-populated social networking section, but most apps related to social sharing fail to make any impact on users and are soon forgotten. That is why it is always nice to see an app of this genre gaining popularity among the iPhone community. Instagram is the finest example of small-time apps that became really successful. After Instagram, Path is another name that’s sure to come up in any discussion of social networks that are exclusive to smartphones. It has been a year since Path made its first appearance in the App Store, but now the network has expanded to Android and has seen a few significant updates that have helped it really come of age. However, no iOS app can be considered complete unless it has an iPad variant, and that’s why Path’s going universal is certainly big news. There aren’t too many changes in the app’s iPad version, but it offers the perfect landscape viewing experience for photos and other posts shared by you in the past.

Path iPad

Path’s landscape mode is quite different from other iPad apps. Rather than showing the same screen horizontally when you tilt your tablet, Path reveals your timeline in landscape no matter in what area of the app you’re currently in. This acts as a shortcut for making your way to your profile. By swiping across the screen, you can browse through all the posts you have made in the past (or have been tagged in by others). An alternative way of browsing through the timeline is to use the small arrow buttons present in the bottom-right corner. To jump straight to the most recent posts, hit the Today button from the top bar. If there are more than one posts against a single date, they will be displayed as a collage. Tapping any photo or post in landscape mode will let you view its responses and other related activity in the sidebar.

Path iPad Profile

Although Path’s landscape mode doesn’t reveal any buttons to navigate to areas of the app other than moments, it is possible to visit any user’s profile by hitting their photo from a post or comments. The left half of the screen shows the cover and profile picture, while recent posts are listed on the other side.

Path iPad Home  Path iPad Photo Editor

To post new moments or do anything else on your profile, you will have to hold the iPad in portrait mode, as this reveals the usual Path menu and options. Everything in this mode is the same as the iPhone app, just display-optimized for the iPad’s bigger screen.

So, are you a fan of Path and have always felt it needed iPad support? Update it now to get your hands on the new universal version.

Download Path For iOS

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