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In Google Drive and Google Music, the folks over at Mountain View have offered their users two truly competent and reliable universal cloud storage and online music storage & streaming services, respectively. However, to users’ utter gripe, there is currently no way to link both services together to access your Google Drive music files from Google’s dedicated music service, and vice versa. This ultimately means that you can’t stream your Google Drive music files from the Google Play Music app. With Google Music service currently available in only select parts of the world, most regular Google Drive users can only wish that the service’s companion app for Android lets them stream their favorite music tracks on the go. As it currently stands, the official Google Drive Android client doesn’t support seamless music playback, and to make the matter even worse, there aren’t too many solutions available in this regard, either. Enter Music Drive, a simple, Holo-themed and free Android app that serves the purpose quite effectively. Sporting a minimalist interface, the app supports live streaming and seamless playback of MP3 files from your Google Drive account direct on your Android device.

Although not the most ideal replacement of the official Google Music service, Music Drive at least offers some consolation by allowing non-stop playback of Google Now music files instead of letting you download and listen to just one track at a time, as is the case currently.


Once you authorize Music Drive to access your Google Drive account, the app scans your cloud storage for all the MP3 files, and categorizes them under three main tabs, namely Songs, Albums and Artists. Other than sporting a handful of conventional music playback controls, such as play, pause, next, forward, shuffle and repeat, the app is void of any sort of configuration whatsoever. The unavailability of the simplest of the options, like manually refreshing the app’s/drive’s content, only indicates towards a half-baked product.

However, what goes in favor of Music Drive is its ability to seamlessly playback your Google Drive music tracks in the background, read ID3 tags of tracks to display relevant info (including album art) in the music library, as well as the player itself, keep users notified of the current tracks via status bar alerts, and allow controlling music playback via lockscreen widget.


The app’s current version of 0.0.2 in the Play Store clearly suggests that it is currently under development. Perhaps, that’s the reason as to why the developer has already announced a couple of features which he intends to incorporate within the app in the coming days. Besides the already-planned playlist and settings feature, we would love to see several other goodies being offered with Music Drive. These include a home screen widget, option to natively upload and download tracks to and from Google Drive, a functional notification panel widget and folder support for music playback.

To wrap it up, unless Google itself decides to bind both said storage services together, or powers the official Google Drive Android app with music streaming support, it appears as if users might have to make do with a couple of different apps to stream music from their preferred storage. Therefore, if you, like me, were in search for a quality live music streaming app for your Google Drive music content, Music Drive might just have come to the rescue in time.

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