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In order to ensure that a project runs smoothly, communication between all team members is of paramount importance. All persons involved in a project must be familiar with  their responsibilities, and the tasks for all the team members should be clearly defined. A centralized workspace, especially where a large number of individuals are concerned, where every aspect of current and upcoming tasks are written down and available for all the participants, is a one of the prerequisites of accomplishing the set tasks. Good desktop project management software can provide you with all those things, but you will required to install the software on the computers of all team members. To avoid this hassle, and all the problems that might accompany it, you can turn to an online solution like Bitrix24. Primarily a web app, Bitrix24 lets you to create and manage team-based tasks, share files and get feedback without having to configure any specialized work management solution, and even has an iOS (iPhone and iPad) app for on-the-go management.

By registering an account with the service, you can create a personal workspace where everyone you choose can collaborate on tasks. Each workspace is provided with its own URL Inside the web app, the service claims to build an intranet, where people can communicate with each other, help each other with projects, monitor each other’s progress, share files and initiate 1-to-1 discussions.

In order to use the service, first you are required to create an account. Enter the desired name for your intranet, the company name, and personal details for creating the account. Once the account is created, you can log in to it using your email and password information.

By default, the main page will display the Activity Steam, where, everything that participants of the workspace are doing, can be viewed. The left side has separate groups for organizing the workflow, for instance, Activity Stream, Tasks, Calendar, Files, Photos, Conversations etc. Each added activity is categorized into any one of the groups enabling easier access to users. If you are part of a big organization, you can also separate the activities according to the work groups that they belong to, like Freelance, Market and advertising, R&R, Technology etc. The right pane, named Filter, allows you to quickly locate current tasks through their status, such as I’m Responsible, I’m Participant, Awaiting Control, In Progress, Overdue etc.

Bitrix Main

The Create button at the top left side allows you to invite new users to the workspace, create new tasks, calendar events, start conversations with other participants and upload files.

Bitrix Create

Once other people have joined the intranet, new notifications will appear at the lower right corner of the interface. Both, new conversations, and notifications from the Activity Stream will be displayed here.

Bitrix Notifications

The Web Messenger of Bitrix24 lets you initiate direct private chats with other participants of the group. You can chat with as many participants as you want, at a time.

Bitrix Chat

While creating a new task, you get options to add its title, specify the name of the person to be assigned for the task, priority of task, set a deadline, add a detailed task description, upload files relevant to the task.

Bitrix Create Task

You can also add files to the workspace that are not related to one single task. Just go to the Files category on the left side and drag/ drop the files to upload them.

Bitrix Files

The Bitrix24 service also has an iOS app that provides you with basic functionality to manage and navigate around the various features. The main screen shows the Activity Stream with all the latest content right on your iDevice.

Bitrix-iOS-Main  Bitrix-iOS-Message

The “+” button at the top right side lets you send messages to participants in the group. You can choose selective people, add mentions of people in the message, and attach images and files with the message. The message will instantly appear in the Activity Streams of the recipient’s Bitrix24 dashboard.

You can also view the ongoing tasks according to categories and groups, such as Employees, Freelance, Marketing and advertising, R&R, Sales etc.

Bitrix iOS Menu

The service provides both free and paid accounts for users. The free account has a limit of 5 GB data and 12 participants in the intranet. The complete comparison of the features, included in free and paid packages, can be found on the product page.

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