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Despite its increasing integration with many smartphones and apps, speech-to-text technology has failed to gain the trust of considerable users. A majority of people avoid relying too heavily on dictating items to their smartphones, fearing typos and low quality speech recognition. Siri or Microsoft’s TellMe, while great for carrying out small system tasks, can get a bit annoying if you are trying to dictate longer passages to them (to be sent in an SMS). There are other apps that offer better solutions for dictation, but most of them are too complicated to be of much use in a hurry. Say Mail! is a Windows Phone app that focuses on letting you compose emails via dictation without much fuss. The app offers just two main features; you can speak your messages so that Say Mail! writes everything down for you, or you can request the app to read out everything you have just dictated, ensuring there is never a need to look at your phone’s screen. Another great thing about the app is its surprisingly accurate speech recognition. Say Mail! gets almost everything right in the first attempt, and even if it doesn’t, you can manually edit the text later.

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As can be expected from an app designed to bring convenience and simplicity to your life, Say Mail! has a minimalistic interface that does nothing more than getting the job done. You don’t need to configure anything as long as you have a default email account set up on your Windows Phone. The app stands ready to listen to your dictation as soon as you launch it. You can turn off this feature from the settings menu by unchecking the Auto-Dictate on startup option. The other option in the same section lets Say Mail! users toggle the app’s own signature (added before the default “sent via Windows Phone”) on or off.

If you are not using the automatic dictation on startup option, you can manually start a dictation session by hitting the Say button. You will need an active internet connection for the speech-to-text conversion, of course. Once you are done, you can review your email via the Hear button. Hitting Send shows a list of all contacts that have an email ID against their names.

The full version of Say Mail! is worth $0.99, but the ad-supported trial does not have any restriction on features or time. The app might not be offering anything fancy, but has the potential to become a daily part of on-the-go usage.

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