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While iOS can boast of being uncomplicated and almost lag-free, Android’s biggest strength lies in customization and cosmetic diversity. Android has several OEMs, each with its own visually unique version of the OS. While all OEMs put some signature UI elements in their firmware, HTC leads the pack in terms of uniqueness with the Sense UI. The ring-styled lock screen that was introduced in Sense 3.0 has grown so popular that it has been used in countless custom ROMs, and replicated by more than a few lock screen replacement apps. Now, you can enjoy the HTC Sense lock screen on iOS as well, that is, if you’re jailbroken. ICSLockPro is a Cydia app that replaces the default lock screen slider with the Sense unlock ring and four user-defined lock screen app shortcuts.

ICSLockPro iOS Settings  ICSLockPro iOS Ring  Android-HTC-Lock-Screen-On-iPhone

As mentioned earlier, ICSLockPro is a standalone Cydia app, and not a tweak. Once it is downloaded, and the SpringBoard is restarted, you should find a new icon on your home screen. The app is disabled by default, so you won’t see any change in the lock screen immediately after downloading it. The app has a few customization options that you might want to take a look at before enabling it. There are four styles for the unlock ring and four for the bubble that encircles the app shortcuts on the lock screen. Then you can disable or enable the dock, which is a curved area housing the unlock ring, and toggle Vibrate on Unlock. The options App 1 through 4 let you select any third-party or stock app for each of the four app shortcut slots (left to right).

Each time you hit the save button after making changes to ICSLockPro settings, the device will respring. You can always revert back to defaults by tapping the button in the top-left corner of the app. For those who haven’t used the HTC Sense lock screen before, dragging the ring onto any shortcut will launch the associated app, while to unlock to the home screen, simply drag and release it anywhere above the shortcuts. Just so you know, ICSLockPro does not disturb lock screen notifications in any way.

Note that although the app is named ICSLockPro, the icon it adds to the SpringBoard is labeled HTCLockPro, which makes “Sense” as it does not replicate the stock Ice Cream Sandwich lock screen. Nonetheless, if you’re a fan of HTC’s work with Android or simply like mixing things up on your jailbroken iDevice, you are sure to get full value for the $0.99 you spend on ICSLockPro.

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