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There can be no denying the fact that Google+ has not yet proved to be the Facebook-killer many people initially though it would be, but Google’s social network does have its positives. While there are great features like Hangouts for individual users, Google+ Pages offer businesses a convenient way of interacting with the user -base en masse. It has always been a source of disappointment to the social network’s Android and iOS-using fans that the Google+ clients for these platforms do not support Pages and work only for individual profiles. Thankfully, the issue has finally been addressed in the latest update. While support for Pages is the only major change in the Android app, the iOS version also lets its users edit past posts, and if you are on an iPad, you can find people and posts via the search option present in the main menu (a feature hitherto only available on the iPhone).

Google-Plus-iPhone-Edit-Post   Google  iOS 6 Find People

Post Editing

Everyone hates it when they post a lengthy and insightful update on their profile, and all the comments it attracts are from grammar Nazis, correcting some minor error. Previously there was no way to correct a mistake in your posts from your iDevice once the Share button had been clicked. Thankfully, iPhone users can now modify any post they want, thanks to the Edit this Post button that has been added to the action menu below posts in the iOS client for Google+. The post modification feature was added to Android in a previous update.

Find People & Posts

The Find People menu has been available in the iPhone app for quite a while, and now it has arrived on the iPad as well. The search results offered by G+ are unified, displaying pages and people on the same page whenever you key in a relevant search term.

AddictiveTips-Google-Plus-Home  Google-Plus-page-new-post  Google-Plus-page-notifications

Google+ Pages

If you own a page, you will have to choose between your personal or page profile as the default account for the app. This choice can only be changed by signing out of the app and logging in again. The main menu for Pages is almost identical to the one available in normal profiles. It is possible to post on your page, or manage previous posts. Commenting on posts in Pages has been added to the mix by the update as well. Page support is now available in both iOS and Android apps for Google+.


Apart from these changes, the Android client now has a much improved widget, and the iOS app has been optimized for the iPhone 5. As always, the app is free to download, and you can grab it from the links provided below.

Download Google+ For iOS

Download Google+ For Android

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