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iFile is among the most powerful tools available for jailbroken iOS devices. It lets you browse through and tinker with the iOS file system, and import files of just about any file format, but a complex file management utility isn’t always the simplest solution. That’s what Cydia apps like Bridge are there for. Bridge lets its users transfer all the media files present in their iPhone to their respective stock apps. Now, Bridge is no longer the only app that can import media files to the Music and Videos apps. Music2iPod is a new, free alternative to Bridge that, like the latter, handles music, videos and podcasts. You can also edit the metadata of these files before sending them to the apps in your iPhone or iPad. Some of the Bridge features are missing in Music2iPod, like direct download using the file’s URL, but overall, the new app does everything as advertised.

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Just like Bridge, you can use the Open In button in any app to edit and export files using Music2iPod. However, the first screen that is shown by the app is a view of your iDevice’s file system, which lets you access media files stored in any location. This makes Music2iPod a perfect tool to use with iFile, Safari download managers, iOS clients of cloud services and a bunch of other utilities. Whatever the method used to import the file to your iDevice, Music2iPod will be able to access it. Once you have selected an audio or video file, you’re allowed to tinker with its metadata (name, artist, album, genre and release year). If everything about the file’s information is the way it should be, simply hit the Done button.

The media files added to the Music or Videos app will not sync with iTunes, but they won’t be removed from your device upon syncing either (just the way it is for Bridge). You can always manually delete them from within the apps if required. The style in which Music2iPod handles metadata editing is a tad better than that in Bridge, and although the lack of direct media downloading may be a deal-breaker for a few users, everything is justified when you compare the prices of the two apps. So, if you’d rather not pay for getting the option to transfer media files to stock iOS apps without iTunes, head to Cydia’s BigBoss repo, and grab Music2iPod.

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