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If you are an iOS user, there is a distinct possibility that the stock Weather app on your iPhone has always proved to be more than enough for you, and you have never gone looking for third-party weather apps in the App Store. Like most apps developed by Apple (with the exception of Garage Band), the Weather app is not too feature-rich, and just serves the basic purpose for which it has been designed. If you are looking for any details other than your city’s temperature (say, the current wind speed or humidity level), you won’t find it in the stock app. That is why there are quite a lot of weather-related apps in the App Store, and the latest to make its mark in said genre is Weather Now. The app comes with a gorgeous interface, detailed forecasts and additional information regarding current weather conditions of any city, but what makes the app special is its interactive 3D globe that shows weather for all added locations and reflects the current time in all parts of the world.

Weather Now Location  Weather Now Cities  Weather Now Settings

As with all weather apps, you have to allow Weather Now access to your current location. If, for some reason, you are not interested in the weather stats of your own area, you can skip adding your own city and search for any other place using the search bar located in the app’s Cities section. Before adding a city to your Weather Now watchlist, you will be shown its map view, highlighting the weather stations located near it. It is possible to add as many locations to your profile as you want. Hitting the thermometer icon next to a city’s name will start displaying its temperature on the app’s icon in the form of a badge. The badge feature doesn’t come for free though; you will have to upgrade to the app’s pro version via an in-app purchase of $2.99. From the Settings menu in Weather Now, you can change the measurement units and choose to keep your iPhone’s screen constantly on if it’s charging (particularly useful for when your iDevice is docked).

Weather Now Home  Weather Now Info  Weather Now Forecast

When everything has been configured, you are free to enjoy the interactive Home tab of Weather Now. If you added cities from various countries to your watchlist, you’ll find their respective flags in the bar below the globe. Twirl the globe around, and you should be able to see the Sun in the background at some point. The same screen shows the current temperature and time in the location that is currently selected. Hitting the More Info button brings up a menu listing information like humidity, wind speed, dew point, visibility range, etc. Switch to the Twitter tab to tweet the weather conditions of a selected city. The Forecast tab lists the weather prediction for the next 48 hours. 15-day forecasts are only available in the pro version.

Weather Now is a free app, and totally worth the download even without the in-app purchase. The app does not have an iPad variant, but it is optimized for the iPhone 5.

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