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There are tons of mobile apps that, like Instagram, focus solely on the sharing of images, but not all of them add something of value to the genre. Voicepic is an iPhone app that is based upon a similar idea, but with a slight twist. It lets you attach 8-second voice clips to their photos before sharing them with other Voicepic users and friends on Facebook and Twitter. A lot of apps offer photo filters, but Voicepic comes with both image filters and voice effects (like echo, audience laughter, cheering and volume enhancements).

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Voicepic starts with three signup options, including Facebook, Twitter and email. Once you have registered for a new account, you can set up your profile by choosing a display name and profile picture. The main page in Voicepic displays both the newest and most popular images being shared across the app’s network. By default, you will be shown the worldwide shares, but you can change the region being displayed by tapping the drop-down at the top. Tapping a photo will open it in the app’s viewer. You then have to hit the play button located below the image to listen to the attached sound clip. Other options available in the Voicepic photo viewer include liking a picture, adding comments to it or sharing it over your social network. Voicepic allows its users to follow other people, so that it can notify you whenever there is any new share from them.

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To create a Voicepic of your own, hit the big camera icon and choose a photo from your photo library (or capture a new one). Once you have selected a photo, you can apply a filter to it from the top bar in the image viewer. There aren’t a lot of filters available in Voicepic, but they are sure to prove to be enough on most occasions. You can record new voice clips from within the app or choose a video from your device’s camera roll, and the app will extract the audio from it.

The audio filters in Voicepic are divided into two types: Voice Charger (which includes effects that change how your voice sounds) and Sound Effects (like the sound of a bomb exploding, people cheering or laughing).

Voicepic is available as a free download, and optimized for the iPhone and iPod touch. Head to the link given below to get a taste of a different kind of social networking. Even if you don’t intend to share the photos you create using Voicepic, you can have some fun with the app and save the results to the camera roll instead of publishing them.

Download Voicepic For iOS

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