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Facebook may have had an impressive IPO and perhaps its vale in the market had decreased since then, but that doesn’t mean the Palo Alto giant is going to hang up its gloves. For many users out there, Facebook is still how they connect with friends, and other tech companies still seem to think it’s still got potential. A leading such venture, Dropbox, is positive Facebook is still at the top of its game, and has recently announced integration with the social network which will allow users to upload files to groups from their Dropbox folder. The feature is being rolled out slowly and should be available worldwide soon.

For regions where the new feature has been rolled out, you can visit a group page and access the Add File dialog box, where you should see an option to add files from Dropbox. You will have to connect your Facebook account with Dropbox first, after which you will be able to access all folders in it. Select a file and you’re ready to share. A link to the file will be posted for everyone in the group. Please note that the file continues to reside in your Dropbox, and isn’t copied to Facebook itself.


The reaction so far has been mixed. Some users who are ever distrusting of Facebook and its somewhat loose privacy policy, think that this is a terrible idea. What’s largely unappealing to them is the fact that everyone in the group will have access to the contents in their Dropbox. The official Dropbox blog doesn’t explicitly say it, but logically, group members will (and should) only have access to the files that have been shared, and not to anything else. Others seem to think that this is an excellent feature and will make sharing files easier.

Security concerns and general conspiracy theories aside, is the feature actually useful? You will need a Dopbox account, and this change doesn’t  mean you can suddenly start using Dropbox with just a Facebook account. For the most part, files shared on Facebook are pictures or videos, and while Dropbox has limited storage, Facebook lets you upload unlimited pictures and videos. If anything, this might be a good way to promote Dropbox to a larger audience, but might not be used very frequently.

Do you think this is a useful feature, or are you, like others, concerned about the security of your files? What use could you put it to, besides just uploading cat images?

[Via Official Dropbox Blog]

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