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There’s been a lot of discussion regarding how Windows 8 would end up as an entertainment platform. Since a media player is a keystone feature of any multimedia device, Windows 8 ships with one too (following the usual Windows Media Player norm from previous iterations). However, this time it also comes with a brand new Modern UI styled media player, even though it isn’t something astonishing. If you fancy the new Modern UI and find the default media player quite primitive for your taste, then Multimedia 8 is probably what you’re looking for. It’s a Metro Modern app that is more than capable of satisfying all your multimedia needs, and supports playback for both audio and video files. It also allows you to select from among a slew of different themes, play media files in loop, enable subtitles and trim down your favorite audio/video sections from within the player. Furthermore, Multimedia 8 contains an integrated audio and video recording feature.

You can find Multimedia 8 in Windows Store. Open Windows Store and type ‘Multimedia 8’ (without quotation marks, of course) in the search field of Charms Bar. Once on the the app’s in-store page, click Install to download it to your machine.

The application itself looks extremely slick and elegant, and fully embraces the Modern UI. Upon initial launch, it automatically scans audio and video files stored on your device or PC. The main screen emulates the Windows 8 tile design with Live Tile support. Not only does it allow you to play media files from your local drives, but from a properly configured Media Server as well. You can use swipe gestures or mouse wheel to scroll through the tiles – besides, it depends on the type of device on which you’re running Windows 8.

The playback window looks quite minimalistic and shows album image in the middle. There are controls for volume adjuster, pause, trim and loop functions, and the music keeps on playing even when the app is minimized. The application also fully supports playlist creation.

I tried throwing a handful of different video formats at the application, and it didn’t flinch even once playback. However, the application failed to recognize some popular file extensions, such as the MKV. Another noteworthy feature of Multimedia 8 is its ability to play 3D videos. You can change the picture view mode via the miniscule button to the bottom right within the video controls.

The Options menu of the app (click Settings in the Charms Bar to access options) enables you to change Color theme, 3D Video mode and Concurrent thumbnail generation operation frequency.

In a nutshell, Multimedia 8 is one of the best Modern UI media players app available for Windows 8, which clearly takes the lead over native media player. It works only on Windows 8.

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