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Most smartphones are available in black or white these days, but if you dare to be different, and want your phone to be a bit more colorful, the Nokia Lumia series can be a pretty good choice. Lumia phones come in a lot of colors, and the Windows Phone operating system is cosmetically pretty good, too. When it comes to fashion-oriented apps, the “Lifestyle” category in the Windows Phone Store might be lacking in quantity, but there are some pretty good apps available there. StyleSaint is the latest fashion app that has been released in the Nokia Store, and deals with just about everything related to style. The app offers downloadable photos, news items related to the fashion world, and you can even use StyleSaint to create your own fashion magazine to gather your favorite stuff in one place.

StyleSaint WP7  StyleSaint WP7 Tear Sheet  StyleSaint WP7 Photo

StyleSaint starts with a step-by-step tutorial of the app, and once you have gone through it, the Featured section comes up. StyleSaint focuses almost exclusively on photos, and you won’t have to put up with a lot of boring text content. While the featured section of the app lists all the staff-picked photo-shoots and clothing collections, you can browse through the app in other ways as well. By swiping to the right, the StyleSaint Tear Sheets can be accessed. Tear sheets provide a collage of photos that you can download to your phone, or bookmark for later use. To perform any of these functions while using a tear sheet, you will have to sign in using your Facebook account. For now, Facebook login is the only account option offered by StyleSaint. Signing in is also required for liking photos and leaving comments on them.

StyleSaint WP7 Subscriptions  StyleSaint WP7 Profile  StyleSaint WP7 Stylebook

If you know of any users who are really into StyleSaint and share photos regularly, you can subscribe to them so that the app can show you their activities in a separate section. Another way of browsing through the app and discovering new content is the powerful search menu. With a single query in StyleSaint, users can search for a particular Saint (model), photo album or feed. As the app offers so much, it is quite easy to get lost in it and forget all about some good things you come across. That’s where the Stylebook section of StyleSaint can be of use. Your stylebook is like your personal album for photos and models you like on the service. Another huge advantage of maintaining a stylebook is that you can share it with anyone easily, as the app supports sharing options including email, Facebook and Twitter.

Like many big-name Windows Phone apps coming out these days, StyleSaint is Nokia-exclusive for now. You can grab it for free by following the link provided below.

Download StyleSaint For Windows Phone (Nokia Only)

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