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On a usual day of surfing through the internet, an average user goes through a lot of websites. Consider a situation where you had to search for something. Normally, what people do is that they look up the term in Google and open more than half of the links in the results page. Data from all the websites that you visit is downloaded to the temporary folder in Windows. This contains text, audio files, buffered videos, images, cookies etc. All of this data can be used to gather information about the browsing habits of a person. For instance, if you are searching about travelling, or checking out hotel rates, anyone who looks at the data can assume that you are planning to go on a vacation. However, extracting meaningful information through all that data is a very time-consuming task. Today, we have an application for Windows called Browser Forensic Tool that allows you to keep an eye on how many times a particular word is appearing on all the browsers installed on your system. You can scan the history of multiple browsers simultaneously and look for the number of times particular keywords appear in each.

The application can be used in a lot of other ways, such as it can be used as a monitoring tool by parents to look if their kids are watching inappropriate content online. In the same way, it can also be used for employee monitoring, and as the name suggests, Forensic research by authorities to look for any particular browsing patterns in data from a confiscated computer.

The main interface is divided into 3 panes. The top pane displays the search results according to all the browsers. Browser Forensic Tool supports searching of data from Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Internet Explorer, RockMelt and Dragon internet browsers. The lower left pane lists the Profile types, while the lower right pane shows the Keywords included in the selected Profile.

In order to search, just select the profile from Profile types and click Scan button available in the lower right corner.

Browser Forensic Tool v2.0 -

Once the search is complete, the results appear on the main interface, and another window pops up with a pie chart of the results. The pie chart provides users with a visual representation of the numbers representing how many times the keywords in question appear in the history of each browser.

Browsers Statistics

You can create custom Profiles using the Create a new keyword category button available at the top left corner of the main interface. You can add a list of keywords inside a profile that can be used to search for required content.

Create a new profile

Browser Forensic Tool works on both 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8.

Download Browser Forensic Tool

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