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For a platform that is not really known for its file management tools, iOS offers a few pretty good apps of that genre. Of course, the most famous of them is iFile, but not everyone owns a jailbroken iPhone or iPad, and most of the times, you just need something very basic for your everyday needs. AMMO Rack just might be the most uncomplicated file management tool available for iOS. For one, the app only deals with two of the most commonly used file formats; PDF and photos. Other than that, transferring files to AMMO Rack is really easy, and you can import files from Dropbox, the app’s own cloud service, your device’s camera roll or via iTunes. Not only does AMMO Rack let you arrange everything really neatly, it is also possible to make a few handy changes to the files. You can add annotations, scribble new notes and rename any file with complete ease.

AMMO Rack iOS  AMMO Rack iOS Settings  AMMO Rack iOS File Add

The thing that makes AMMO Rack so neat is its saving of files in an interface that is just like a bookshelf. There are a few shelves already present in the app, but you can get rid of them, or add more from the Settings menu within AMMO Rack. The Manage your shelves option allows the app’s users to rearrange a shelf, or create as many new ones as they want. From the same menu, you get to link your Dropbox and AMMO Rack Cloud accounts with the app. You will have to sign up for the app’s own cloud account from the AMMO service’s website. To add a new document to any of your shelves, just swipe across it to the right, and hit the ‘+’ button that shows up. The arrow button will collapse the shelf. Hitting the add button brings up a new menu, from where AMMO Rack users can import images and PDF files from their iPhone’s camera roll, their Dropbox or Rack Cloud account, or there is the option to create a new note sheet that will let you scribble anything you want on a blank page.

AMMO Rack iOS Photo Viewer  AMMO Rack iOS Note

Once you have imported the files to the app, you can get down to editing and re-sharing them any time you want. To add your notes to an image or PDF, hit the doodle icon located at the top of the screen. The formatting options include the choice of the color, or you can alternate between a pen or a highlighter while selecting the most suitable thickness. Tapping the star icon adds the file to your favorites, and there is a separate view in the shelves menu for bookmarked files.The edited versions of these files can be shared over email, or you can use the Open In option to send the image or PDF to some other app.

AMMO Rack is a universal app and has gone free for a limited time. If you are looking for an app that lacks too many feature, but has a clean and simple interface, give AMMO Rack a try.

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