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Bookmarking services and apps are not something that incite a lot of excitement among users, because there are plenty of them already available out there for almost all platforms. iOS is no exception to that, of course. However, despite the sheer number of apps in the App Store, something worthwhile still manages to pop-up in every category, every now and then. The official Clipboard for is a shining example of such apps. The app is a bookmark manager, but it doesn’t do anything as run-of-the-mill as sorting browser bookmarks. Like its web counterpart, Clipboard allows you to copy anything from anywhere on your iPhone, access and share this content, along with anything copied from your computer, under one hood. Everything sent to the app can be viewed in text form or as HTML content; plus there’s the old-fashioned way of saving it as a bookmark. The best thing about the app? It is not limited to Safari; any area of iOS that allows the copy/paste Action menu can be used to import content to Clipboard.

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As Clipboard syncs all your saved content to the cloud, you will need to sign up for a new account if you don’t have one already. If you do, whatever content is stored in your account will show up in the Home section of Clipboard. has a Twitter-like Follow system, which means that if you find any user’s shares interesting, you can have their posts appear in your feed, and that’s not the only thing it has in common with Twitter. You can also mention other users within a shared item’s description and add tags to it. If you choose to connect your Facebook profile with the app, Clipboard suggests users you might know.

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To create a new post from your iPhone or iPod touch, simply select and copy content from any source that allows it (webpages, your camera roll or the Notes app, for example), launch the app and hit the heart-shaped button in top-right corner of the screen to import whatever has been copied to the iOS clipboard. Before you share your new Clip, it is possible to view all its components separately. The three available sections for each post include HTML, Bookmark and Text. When you are satisfied with your clip, hit Next button and you are done. You can also choose to add a title, description and tags to posts. Unless you make your post private, any Clipboard user is allowed to like/reclip your post, or leave a comment on it.

Clipboard is available for free on the iTunes App Store, and for now, is optimized only for the iPhone and iPod touch. If you’re already a user, the app is a must-have. Even if you aren’t, and just want an elegant, feature-rich bookmarking option, give Clipboard a try. You might grow to love it.

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