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One of the perks of owning a jailbroken iPhone or iPad is that you can spice up your device without putting in too much of an effort. The Cydia store offers a lot of useful apps and tweaks, but some of the items available in the jailbreak store are there just to let you make your device more beautiful. SwitcherEffect is one such Cydia tweak that might not rank too high in terms of functionality and usefulness, but is pretty good as an option if you are looking to add some extra spice to the App Switcher tray in your iPhone or iPad. The tweak doesn’t add anything new directly to the tray, but just brings some fresh animations to the apps you launch via the App Switcher. There are just 2 animations offered by SwitcherEffect for now, but that number might increase in the future.

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SwitcherEffect is available in the Cydia store, and you can download it for free. After the tweak’s installation, it will take effect automatically, but you can change things around a little by heading to the stock Settings app and entering the SwitcherEffect menu. The tweak’s menu has a lot of buttons, but most of them deal with getting help and contacting the developer of SwitcherEffect. The real buttons in the tweak’s menu are there to let you enable or disable SwitcherEffect (it is toggled to ON by default), while the choice between the two available effects is provided in here as well. The two listed options in the Effects menu include Temper and RotateX.

  • Temper: The temper animation will darken the whole screen each time you tap an app icon from the Switcher tray. The screen fades into view after a few moments.
  • RotateX: This effect is far more interesting compared to the previous one. If you apply RotateX to your iPhone or iPad, the apps launched via App Switcher start acting like a rotating cube, and will spin once before coming to your screen completely.

SwitcherEffect can certainly use some more animations, and other options. For example, it will be really cool if the tweak’s developer adds an option to control the time of animations available in SwitcherEffect. Apart from these points, SwitcherEffect is pretty good for an eye candy tweak, specially since it won’t add any lag to your jailbroken iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. The tweak won’t cost you anything, so you can guiltlessly uninstall it if you don’t like it.

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