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If you have got that one special person in your life with whom you share everything, including a majority of your time, then you are sure to appreciate the iOS app named Avocado. Even if you don’t have a girlfriend/boyfriend or a significant other, the app can come in handy if you want close collaboration with a particular person. Avocado for iPhone allows real-time sharing of photos, task lists and messages between two people. You just have to add something to your Avocado account, and the other person linked to you via the app will automatically be able to view and use the added stuff. Avocado can also prove to be useful if you are not very good at remembering anniversaries as well, as there is a section of the app that displays birthdays and anniversaries related to the person you have chosen to connect with. More after the break.

Avocado iOS Feed  Avocado iOS Options

To get started with Avocado, you will have to provide your email ID to the app. Once you have done that, a verification email will be sent to you. After your own profile has been set up, you will have to set up your partner’s profile yourself, too. Just provide their email ID, and Avocado sends a verification email to them. Both ends of Avocado employ the same password, and you will have to inform the other person of this password. Upon the completion of Avocado’s set up, you will have to allow the app to send you push notifications. This is due to the fact that Avocado notifies its users whenever their partner adds something new to the app on their iPhone. The main section of the app lets you chat with your connection, and you can attach photos with your messages as well, simply by tapping the camera button located at the left of the text box. Swiping upwards in the feed area brings up the options menu of Avocado. From there, you can use or edit message templates, and it includes a mood section as well, allowing users to associate photos with emoticons.

Avocado iOS List  Avocado iOS Photo Share  Avocado iOS Info

The second menu in Avocado deals with to-do lists. Using it is simple, and you just have to tap the big green button at the top of the screen to create a new list and give it a name. Every time a new item is added to the list, a notification is sent to the other person. Although photo sharing is possible via the chat area in Avocado, there is a dedicated section for that purpose. All the images you receive from your partner will appear here, even if you got them in chat. The last option in the Avocado bottom bar allows users to set up important relationship dates and other personal details.

Avocado is a free app, and is optimized for iPhone and iPod touch. So, if you are not a “Forever Alone” kind of person, head to the download link given below and grab the app.

Download Avocado For iOS

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