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Mobile financial management and money transaction is something that has made a huge splash in recent times. Google has already launched Google Wallet, with similar features slated to come in Windows Phone 8. Among the top pioneers in this field is PayPal. The service is used all over the world to make secure online purchases, donating to developers and receiving payments for freelancing. Such a useful service can become even more useful if you can access it on the go. That’s why Nokia took the initiative of partnering with PayPal to get the service’s app released for WP7. Fortunately though, the app is not just limited to the Lumia series, and is available for all Windows Phone devices. The PayPal app lets you manage your account, make transactions easily and find places near you that accept payments via “PayPal Here”.

PayPal WP7 Payment  PayPal WP7 Account  PayPal WP7 Balance

The app’s welcome page has options for logging in and creating a new account. Some features of the app might not be accessible outside the US and UK, and signing up is one of them. Once you have logged in to your PayPal account, you will be taken to the account section of the app. From there, it is possible to view your total account balance, along with complete details of your past transactions. In the Balance menu, you can convert the available money into other currencies, or choose to add or remove any amount from your PayPal account. For each new payment you have to make, the app generates a dedicated page, listing the benefiting person or business’ details.

PayPal WP7 Local  PayPal WP7 Device  PayPal WP7 Transaction

For everyone who is curious regarding PayPal supported outlets nearby, the app’s main screen shows the details of nearest business places using “PayPal Here”. Tapping on a place’s name brings up its own page, featuring its map, description and other data like daily schedule. If you want to send a payment to a particular place (or anyone else, for that matter), you get the option to enter a message along with the necessary financial details. The transaction slips consist of the recipient’s name, currency and the payment type (Friends or Family and Goods or Services). PayPal will also notify its users every time they receive a new payment, thus making it a comprehensive and complete client of the service.

PayPal for WP7 is a free app, but it might not be available in all countries. We can confirm though that you won’t have any problem getting the app if you are living in the US or UK.

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