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If you take a look at the size of photos in your iPhone’s Camera Roll, you are sure to notice that a lot of file sizes are in MBs. While this might not appear to be too much at first glance, even a 1MB file can appear to be very large if you are using your data connection to share it. Apart from that, iOS almost always has trouble when it comes to sharing relatively large photos via MMS. There is no way of knowing the size of the image being sent beforehand, and if it exceeds your carrier limit, you might end up inadvertently sending multiple MMS. Thanks to the jailbreak community, there is now an easy solution to that problem. Small4MMS is a Cydia tweak that compresses photos in your jailbroken iPhone or iPad, trimming them down to standard MMS size (less than 100 kB in most cases). The tweak saves the compressed photos as new copies of existing ones, so you don’t have to worry about irreversibly altering photos in your iPhone.

Small4MMS Options  Small4MMS Notification

Small4SMS works by adding a new button in the options menu of each photo within the stock Photos app. The shrinking button is added at the end of the option list, just below Print. The button shows the image file’s size, and tapping it will shrink the file immediately. If the image is already too small, Small4MMS leaves it unchanged, and is intelligent enough to not compress every photo. In the case of small images, you will get a notification stating that no compression is needed, and you should use the photo as it is. If a picture does have a significant size, Small4MMs will create a copy of it that has quite a diminished size as compared to the original image. In this case, again, you will see a notification informing you of the compression’s success. In our opinion, the quality of images compressed by Small4MMS is not reduced visibly, and you won’t really miss your old, large-sized photo at all, but still, if photo quality is important to you, it is advisable to keep the original image saved in your iPhone.

Despite its name, the usefulness of Small4MMS is not restricted to just MMS. People are sure to find a lot of other uses for the tweak as well, like easy sharing of photos via means other than MMS, and saving storage space in your iDevice. The tweak is available as a free download in the Cydia store, and comes without any configurable options.

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