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Voice Memos might be among the least used stock iOS apps, but almost everyone has given the audio recorder a try once or twice. There are times when you really need a powerful and feature-rich audio recorder on your iPhone or iPad, and that is why there are some pretty good apps available for iOS to serve this purpose. Highlight is an app for iPhone and iPad that just might be the most comprehensive audio recorder available for the platform. The app doesn’t pack in too many complex options, but it offers everything you can ever need while doing some serious recording. With Highlight, you can add markers to each audio clip to indicate important parts of the recording, and there is also the option to snap photos while the recording session is still in progress, so that you can associate those images with your clip. Furthermore, Highlight comes with thorough Dropbox integration, and users can easily upload recordings to their Dropbox account. On top of all that, the app lets you add text notes to the recorded clips.

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To create a new recording project, hit the New Recording button on the app’s main page. Once that has been done, you get the option to rename your clip before you even start recording. A similar option exists for adding a title photo to your recording. Photos can be added by hitting the top right corner of the screen, and choosing one from the camera roll or snapping one using the Take Photo options. Even when you begin recording (by hitting the green area in the middle of the screen), you can keep adding pictures to your project. During the session is in progress, users of the app can add a highlight to the recording simply by hitting the Mark Highlight button. You can add a preset delay of few seconds to highlights, so that you get a few moments to decide whether a part of recording is worthy of marking as important or not. You can add as many highlights as you want to a clip, and there is a Pause button at the top of the screen if you want to take a break.

The clips saved in Highlight can later be opened to replay them, or you can add some notes to them. If you allow the app access to your current location, your recordings will have locations associated with them automatically. The audio player in the Highlight app allows users to play recordings at double or half speed. From the clip’s editing menu you can rename highlights, and also add new highlights to recordings that have already been completed. Sharing options include Dropbox and email. The app is optimized for all iOS devices (universal), and just recently went free. You may grab it by navigating to the following App Store link.

Download Highlight For iOS

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