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Apparently, a lot of developers over at the Cydia store aren’t big fans of the way notification banners are displayed in iOS. The main purpose of a banner is to notify users of a new change in an app, but without proving to be too much of a distraction. The stock banners in iOS are a bit too much in height for some people’s liking, and that’s why there are many jailbreak tweaks that focus on making the banners thinner and more pleasing to the eye. The latest to join the ranks of such tweaks is StatusBulletin. This Cydia tweak does make iOS notification banners thinner than before, but that’s not all it does. The best feature of StatusBulletin is that it gives your notifications the appearance of a news ticker. The banners will adhere to the status bar of your iPhone, and rather than ending the preview with the usual dots for long notifications, you will be shown the entire message thanks to the auto-scroll feature of StatusBulletin.

StatusBulletin Before  StatusBulletin Settings  StatusBulletin After

Unlike most tweaks dealing with notification banners, StatusBulletin does have a few customizable settings, letting its users change any visual aspect of the banner they want. Within the StatusBulletin menu in the stock Settings app, you can choose between smart titles and custom title settings. The second option is there to let users choose the apps for which they want the banner to display the app name. In smart titles mode, the tweak chooses those apps itself and notifications are shown based on the type of notification and the app to which it belongs. If you want to control the color of banners, go to the Banner Style option of the tweak’s menu and select the color scheme you like the most. It is possible to make the banner adhere to the current color of the status bar, or there is the option to make it black or silver permanently. For users of BiteSMS, there is the option to toggle on the Hide BiteSMS Button.

Once you have configured StatusBulletin in the perfect way, just exit the Settings app and wait for a notification to show up. If the content of the banner is longer than the width of your iPhone’s screen, you will see the reason behind putting “bulletin” in the tweak’s name. Long notifications don’t disappear until the complete message in them has been shown via the automatic scrolling functionality offered by StatusBulletin. Most of the times, the tweak gives the illusion that it is using the status bar to display the banners, and that really looks awesome.

StatusBulletin is a free tweak, and you can give it a try by heading to the ModMyi repo of the Cydia store.

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