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Facebook appears to be taking iOS pretty seriously these days. Only a few days have passed since the Facebook app for iOS got revamped completely, and now Facebook Camera has been improved as well. The iPhone app now offers all the features that users have been demanding ever since Facebook Camera first came out. While the app wasn’t too bad initially, there were a few things that certainly needed attention. For one, the notification system in Facebook Camera was largely disappointing, and there was no way of knowing whenever there was some activity on any of your photos. Also, users could only upload photos to the app’s own album via Facebook Camera, and there was no way of adding new photos to other albums. Apart from that, the app suffered minor problems as well, like the lack of likes for individual comments and difficulties in reading of long captions. The latest update addresses all these issues, and then some.

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Here is a list of all the major changes that the app has received thanks to its latest update.

  • Notifications: Unlike the initial version of the app, Facebook Camera now has notifications of its own and you don’t have to keep checking the Facebook app in order to get an idea of all the activities taking place on your photos. The notifications are sent whenever a person likes your photos, or leaves a new comment. Notifications are also sent for new tags that are created for you.
  • Upload To Any Album: On the upload screen, there is a new button in the bottom bar that will take you to the Select Album screen. This means new photos can be added to any album that is already in your account, rather than just “Mobile Uploads”.
  • Comment Likes: By tapping on any comment, you can make the Like button appear below it, enabling you to show your appreciation for individual comments on any photo.
  • Improved Full screen UI: Each time you tap a photo from the Facebook Camera feeds, you will now be able to read the full caption for all photos without having to do anything else. This was an oversight in the previous version of the app that annoyed a lot of people.

In addition to all these changes, Facebook Camera has also gained the ability to let its users comment on whole albums rather than just photos. It’s also easier to see the name and profile pictures of everyone who has commented on a particular post.

Facebook Camera’s version 1.1 is available for free and in more languages than before (including Chinese, German, French and Spanish). You can grab this iPhone app by heading to the link below.

Download Facebook Camera for iOS

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