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Using the right set of colors for a project is very important if order to make it pleasing to the eyes and appealing to the target audience. Everywhere you go, you can see colors being used to capture the attention of people; for instance, when you visit a website, the colors of different objects found on the page in front of you can instantly decide if you want to stay on the website, or move on to a new one. When colors were first introduced in the computer, 256 colors was considered a huge amount, but nowadays, 32 millions colors have become the standard. To use the required colors for your project, first you need to know what that exactly is. If you find a particular color while looking at an image that you like, you cannot just tell with accuracy which one it actually is. With so many colors available in pictures of extremely high resolution, it is impossible for the human eye to distinguish one color from another. Today, we have an open source application for you called Able Opus Color Extractor that helps you in finding the RGB, Hex and HSB value of a color. You can pick the color from a spectrum, an image available on your hard drive, or anything placed on your desktop.

When thousands of color choices are available, you need a good color picking application to be able to select the perfect color for your needs. This tool provides you with three different modes to select your color. The first mode, Spectrum, is selected by default, and displays the complete color spectrum allowing you to select any hue that you want by clicking anywhere inside the spectrum. You can then fine tune your choice by increase and decreasing the Red, Green and Blue values available in the top right corner.

Able Opus Color Extractor

The second mode allows you to find out the RGB, Hex and HSB value of a color found inside an image stored in your hard drive. Click Load Image and navigate to the image that contains the required color. When the image is loaded, click the color to view its values.

Able Opus Color Extractor Load Image

The last mode lets you view the values of a color found on your screen. This way, if you find a color within an image available on the internet, you don’t have to download it. You can just open the picture on your desktop, click Capture Screen and view the color values.

Able Opus Color Extractor Capture Screen

Able Opus Color Extractor works on both 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8.

Download Able Opus Color Extractor

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