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There was a time when iOS users preferred apps that were loaded to the brim with features and little novelties. Things have changed drastically now, however, making elegance and simplicity the most sought-after qualities in iPhone apps. No one likes having to tinker with an app’s complex options just to create a reminder, and the success of apps like Clear is a testament to the ascendency of uncomplicated apps. Opacity Browser is an iPhone app that takes a leaf out of Clear’s book, and has come up with the simplest web browsing solution for iOS. There are a lot of good web browsers available for the platform (even Mobile Safari isn’t too bad), but Opacity is sure to attract a considerable fan-following of its own due to the fact that while using the app you won’t ever stop to admire the browser’s nice status bar, or the way it saves bookmarks, because none of these features exist in Opacity. The app will let you search Google and open websites quickly, and that, too, through the use of gestures! You won’t find any bells and whistles in this web browser, so let’s see what’s there on offer.

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There are just 4 gestures that Opacity supports, and using them you will be able to perform all the basic functionalities needed to browse a website or perform a quick search. Here is a list of the gestures available in Opacity.

  • Swipe Down: To create a new tab, just swipe downwards on the app’s main screen. You can open as many new tabs as you want in this manner. By default, a blank tab will be created, labeled Untitled. The tabs will keep changing their colors as more of them start accumulating on your main screen.
  • Double Tap: To enter a web address or search query in any of the opened tabs, double tap its title. Above the keyboard there are two buttons that let you tell Opacity whether you are entering a web address or a Google search term. In our experience, the search mode doesn’t work properly if you put a space anywhere in your query.
  • Tap & Hold: Once you have entered a web address in the text area of a tab, you can open it by tapping the tab and holding your finger over it. If you want to go back to the main page to open some other tab, just toggle the current one off by performing the same tap and hold gesture.
  • Pinch: In order to remove a tab from Opacity’s main page, just pinch it out of existence.

Apart from these gestures, there are just 2 buttons in the Opacity app and both of them are located within browser view. One button is to refresh a page, while the other one is to let you go back to the page you previously visited in the current tab. Once a website is opened in Opacity, you can browse it just like in any other web browser on iOS.

Once the Google search issue gets resolved in the app, Opacity can become the favorite browser of many people. The app is optimized for iPhone and iPod touch, and has gone free for a limited time from its usual price of $0.99.

Download Opacity Browser for iOS

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