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Every time we come across a brand new Android app discovery tool in the Google Play Store, we’re left wondering if the apex has eventually been attained. At least, that’s precisely the notion that we got with the previously-reviewed AppAware, AppGenius, AndoridZoom, Playboard and several similar apps belonging to said genre. Seems as if we’re yet again about to be proven wrong, as another hugely promising app has just appeared on the horizon with a completely refreshing approach to Android app recommendation. At best, Mapsaurus can be cited as a fine amalgamation of Android app/game discovery, filtering, sharing and recommendation. While the official Google Play Store client, the famous AppBrain app and all aforementioned alternatives are good at doing what Mapsaurus does, none of them sports the visual flair, swipe gestures and interactive content filtering as Mapsaurus does. The app scans your Android device for installed apps, and offers comprehensive set of filters to help you with discovering other similar apps on an interactive 3D tree map. This way, it lets you bump into several other handy alternatives that you might not have even heard about.


Want to know what other enthralling defense tower games are available in the Play Store, or looking for a better alternative to your current news reader, lock screen, music player and whatnot? Through its well-crafted UI, Mapsaurus makes sure that you have plenty of quality options at your disposal, and even better means to switch to other alternatives without having to conduct your search queries afresh.

Alongside each app title, Mapsaurus presents you with its price, screenshots, details, rating, number of downloads, noteworthy alternatives and their Google Play Store links. Using the app’s various handy filters, you can help it to provide you with the list of only those apps which fall under your preferred criteria in terms of genre, number of installs, rating, maturity level and price.


When launched, the app lists out all the apps installed on your device, and presents a handful of app genres – games, entertainment, social, finance, multimedia, tools, sports, photography and communication etc. – at the bottom to help you take off with your app discovery. To get going, just tap an available entry. What follows is the aforementioned interactive tree map of apps, with your selected app placed in the middle. Various branches of the tree structure refer to other apps belonging to your selected app’s genre. The bottom half of the screen is comprised of screenshots of the selected app.


To switch to the screenshot and details view of another app, just tap its title once. Tapping twice makes that particular app as the primary selection, thereby resulting in recommendation of an entirely different batch of matching apps on the map. Using multi-touch pinch-to-zoom gestures, you may sneak peek into the complete view of the expanded tree or hover to a selected region. To explore details and screenshots of a particular app, just swipe upwards from the bottom-half of the screen, whereas to head back to the app’s home screen, swipe towards right. Tablet owners can avail the app’s nifty search feature to filter out all tablet-exclusive app by typing in “tablet’” in the search box.


Being a debut release, Mapsaurus is currently lacking a couple of very important features, including tablet-optimization, user reviews, a homescreen widget, notification alerts, app exploration by release date, and a blend of social media integration. That said, even in its existing form, the app seems ready to give most – if not all – of its counterparts a good run for their money.

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[via Android Police]

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