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Back in May, the social networking giant, Facebook, announced a very fine photo capturing, editing and bulk-uploading tool for iOS users in the form of Facebook Camera. The app also brought with it several slick features, including Instagram-esque filters and effects, updated photo feed of your Facebook Friends, option to add custom tags and captions to photos, and plenty more. However, as far as Android is concerned, users of Google’s mobile OS are still awaiting the official Facebook Camera app to head their way. That being said, with the app of the quality and price ($0) of PhotoUp at their disposal, Android users can safely argue that they have a way better solution to play around with. Fresh from the oven, this Android-exclusive app has been designed to help users with managing their Facebook photos. Apart from supporting Facebook Camera-style batch image uploading, capturing, tagging, captioning, geo-tagging, and editing (via dozens of filters), PhotoUp brings Dropbox and Google+ style instant photo uploading to the table, and in doing so, it puts you in control over the Album to which you wish to upload these photos, their preferred image quality, and that one favorite filter of yours that will be automatically applied to all the photos pre-upload.

PhotoUp-Android-Login  PhotoUp-Android-Batch-Select

The app’s instant upload feature is not to be mixed with its option to allow you to manually select whatever amount of photos you wish to upload to a custom Facebook Album. The instant upload feature, once enabled, automatically uploads all captured photos to a user-specified Facebook Album. For all automatically uploaded images, users have the choice to select any of the available effects and image sizes (low, medium, high). Guess what? You don’t even have to rely on your stock camera app to capture photos, since PhotoUp comes with native image capturing support. For this, all you have to do is hit the camera tile under the Photos tab on the app’s main interface.

PhotoUp-Android-Face-Detection  PhotoUp-Android-Upload-Preferences

On the other hand, using the app’s manual uploading feature, you may select as many local images as you like, apply a different effect to each and upload the entire bunch of select (and edited) photos to Facebook at once. Various photo effects supported by PhotoUp are as follows:

  • Instafix
  • Ansel
  • Testing
  • Xpro
  • Retro
  • Black & White
  • Sepia
  • Cyano
  • Georgia
  • Sahara
  • HDR


Automatic face detection is another fascinating aspect of PhotoUp, as it expedites the task of tagging your friends within photos manifold. Manually tagging your friends, too, is as simple as just tapping the selected region of the photo, and making the appropriate selection from your Facebook Friends’ list. Although a tad less significant as compared to some of its other features, the manual photo rotation option of the app can come in handy under a number of different situations, too.

PhotoUp-Android-Upload-Settings1  PhotoUp-Android-Setting

The app’s homescreen displays your Galley images on grid, with batch-selection enabled by default. All you need to do is select all the images that you wish to upload manually. To head over to the app’s image editor, tap any one of the images.

PhotoUp-Android-Upload-Progress  PhotoUp-Android-Uploads

The Selected tab on the app’s main interface lets you confirm the selection of your files. Hitting the ‘send’ button at the bottom takes you to another screen from where you may specify your custom upload settings. In this regard, you have the option to upload images not just to a custom Facebook Album, but also to your Facebook Wall, Group or an Event page. For geo-tagging, the app lets you select the current location, a nearby place or a custom location anywhere from the world. It is also worth mentioning here that the app allows creating new Facebook Albums, complete with custom title, description and privacy settings. Once uploading begins, you can monitor the progress via status bar alerts. Each uploaded photo gets listed under the Uploads tab, and can be removed from the list via a simple swipe.

Even for an app as comprehensive as PhotoUp, we can’t help but mention some of the features that we would love to see being included within the package. These include the option to natively explore and interact with Facebook Photos, edit image titles, an even expanded pool of effects/filters, scheduled uploading and addition of the new album creation option within the app’s instant upload menu/screen. All in all, even in its current form, PhotoUp easily outweighs Photo Saver, the only Android app with instant-upload-to-Facebook feature that we have come across so far.

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