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Lists are a part of Twitter that have hitherto failed to gain much popularity among the masses, but things might be changing pretty soon if you go by the kind of apps being released these days. Just yesterday, we covered an Android/ iOS app “Slices”, which was a Twitter client focused on lists. That app could be used as a complete replacement for the official Twitter client for iOS, as it has got everything you will ever need for tweeting. twst is an iPhone app that is not strictly a Twitter client, and deals exclusively with lists in your account. Even if you do have twst, you will still need a proper Twitter client for viewing your feeds and tweeting, as the app’s main purpose is to let you manage your account, and specifically lists. Not only can you create, delete and edit all the lists in your account, twst is also perfect for discovering new lists you should follow.

twst Home  twst Own List

When you launch twst for the first time, you will have to grant the app access to your Twitter account. If you are using the official Twitter app on your iPhone, this will be done automatically. The main page of twst will let you view your followers and the people you are following through the two main options listed there. The rest of the page is occupied by lists. The My Lists section of the app displays the lists you own. If you want to create a new one, or edit an existing list, just enter this menu. A brand new list can be created via the green ‘+’ button. You will have to provide a name and description for the list before you can add members to it. It is possible to rename lists as well, and to do that, just tap the Edit button. To remove a person from a list, swipe across their name and hit the Delete button that comes up.

twst Profile  twst List

twst has got pretty good integration with the official Twitter app, and although you can’t view tweets in the app itself, you can open any page or profile in the Twitter app and read the tweets there. Hit the arrow icon in the top right corner to do this. In case you are looking for some interesting lists to follow, use the search bar on the app’s main page for discovering new items. In addition to all that, it is possible to follow and unfollow lists or people right from within twst.

For some people, twst might look like an app that is too limited in its purpose, but if you are a fan of Twitter’s lists feature then you are sure to find this free app a real time-saver.

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