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SBSettings might be perfect for the smaller screens of iPhone and iPod touch devices, but it loses some of its awesomeness if you try using it on an iPad. The tweak is not optimized for big screens, and that makes it a little less useful, and a lot less pleasing to the eye. However, as there is no good alternative available for it on the iPad, jailbreak users are forced to keep using SBSettings. Not anymore! Speero is a tweak that has the potential to replace SBSettings on iPad. The tweak has a lot of system toggles, app shortcuts and other similar features. In addition to that, one thing that really sets Speero apart from SBSettings is the presence of App Switcher within the tweak’s menu. You can also add app shortcuts and customized actions to the mix.

Speero Settings]  Speero App List

Before you can start enjoying Speero, the first step is to configure the whole thing from the tweak’s menu added to the stock Settings app. First of all, you have to choose the Activation Method for Speero. Any Activator gesture can be selected from this section. To tinker with the cosmetic aspects of the tweak, there are the two sliders marked Background Darkness and Background Blur Radius. The Two tap to dismiss toggle will let you select the method to make the Speero window go away, although you can do that by simply hitting the Home button, too. The Action Events section of Speero’s settings is the part where the real customization takes place. There are 19 slots available here, and you can select distinct app shortcuts or system options for each one of them.

Speero iPad Once all that has been done, just invoke Speero, and you are good to go. The first bar lists all the user-selected event actions. The bar below it has the predefined system toggles and other shortcuts. The options available here include stuff like search (just tap and search for anything on Google) and App List (using which you can launch any app with a few taps). The third section of the Speero menu displays system information including RAM usage, firmware version, IP address, battery level, etc. The bottom bar is actually the App Switcher, and it is possible to navigate to any app that was previously run from this section of Speero.

The orientation of the Speero menu depends upon whether it was launched in landscape or portrait mode, and it will not follow any later changes in your iPad’s orientation until next launch. Speero can use some polishing in terms of interface and personalization options, but overall, the tweak is completely worth the $0.99 you will have to spend to get it for your iPad.

[via iTechBook]

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