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Malicious programs are notorious for exploiting the user or the system in order to activate the unwanted activity or installation leading to abnormal activity. Such programs try to trick users into clicking the apparently innocent links. Crystal Security is a cloud-based tool that prevents, blocks and removes malicious programs from your system. In addition, it provides you with the flexibility to maintain blacklists in order to specifically define the scope of the application. It offers a user-friendly interface, which is bound to benefit both novice and advanced users alike.

The application quickly loads as soon as installation gets completed. The main window shows the protection status, while the security level and cloud connectivity is indicated at the top right corner. The workspace is used to organize lists with emphasis on the object type, time and group. You can turn off the security app either by clicking the Un-Protect button at the bottom right corner of the window or right clicking the system tray icon.

Crystal Security  Main

To configure the application according to your requirements, click the Settings button, which reveals an extensive list of options. The General settings allow you to set loading and application startup details. You can further specify the variables that should trigger notifications. Crystal Security supports multiple languages including English, German and Estonian.

Crystal Security  Settings

The application allows you to add objects either files or folders to monitor for any vulnerabilities. Once added, right click the specific path and move to the whitelist if you want to grant special privileges to the entry, otherwise if a malicious program is detected, the blacklist would then nullify its effect and subsequently remove it from the system. Click the Checkup button to begin scanning for any harmful or malicious program on your computer.

Crystal Security  Lists

Remember, instead of new windows, the application interface relies on buttons to achieve all functions, so you must treat them like menus. To return to the original set of features, click Main (menu) whenever needed. Moreover, the progress bar shows the scanning status as well as information regarding the last checkup time provided below it. An alert window opens as soon as the scanning completes, informing you of the results, instantly.

Crystal Security checkup

All in all, Crystal Security is a lightweight yet effective protection tool that prevents any malicious program from entering into your system. We tested this utility on Windows 7, 64-bit edition. It also supports Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8.

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