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In spite of not having an official Reddit client, Android users are blessed with plenty of quality third-party Reddit apps. As can be seen in our comprehensive compilation of the crowd-favorite Reddit apps for Android, each candidate brings something visually as well as functionally fresh to the table, yet one can’t help but be startled upon seeing an alternative that is laced with several never-seen-before goodies. Fresh to the market, Reddit ET happens to be one such power-packed unofficial Reddit app for Android that has in it what it takes for an app to claim as the being the most complete solution belonging to its genre. Like most apps mentioned in our best Reddit apps collection post, Reddit ET sports true flavors of Ice Cream Sandwich, with Holo-style menus, dropdowns and tabs/columns. Also included within the package are several typical Reddit features, including threaded comments (with expand/collapse option), native browser, up/down voting, Subreddit un/subscription and searching, multiple themes, option to save, share, hide and/or reply to posts, custom link and text submission, save photos to SD card, complete Inbox support (with customized message sync & notification), wide array of options to filter content, fully customizable & highly informative homescreen widget, NSFW support, navigation via swipe gestures, and inline text & image preview etc. What’s different in all that, you may ask? In order to find the answer, continue reading past the break.


Apart from the aforementioned conventional Reddit features, Reddit ET tries to pip ahead of the rest of the competition by offering several fresh (if not totally unique) features, such as option to view even those Subreddits that you’ve not subscribed to. In addition, the app’s widget can be set to display latest feeds from virtually any Subreddit you like.


Furthermore, Reddit ET is among the rare apps that let you view your friends posts. Using the app, you may explore your entire world of Reddit in full-screen mode, and/or delve into the highly interactive Canvas Mode to get a totally revamped and refreshed Reddit experience on your Android. Android 2.3 (Honeycomb or higher) device users have the facility of viewing YouTube videos embedded within posts.


Another handy aspect of Reddit ET is the way in which it lets you get an overview of your profile, as well as all the posts that you’ve dis/liked, hidden and saved. The app supports arguably the most expansive pool of Subreddit filters that you’d be hard-pressed to get with any other counterpart. Ranging from the Reddit frontpage and your subscribed Subreddits to the trending posts and rising stories of the day, you have the option to filter them all. Instead of letting you manually refresh just the current Subreddit, the app presents you with the Reload All button to have content under each subscribed Subreddit refreshed with a mere tap.


Having discussed all the positive facets of Reddit ET, it’s now time to shift focus to the bitter part: the missing or underperforming features. Although the app is relatively nascent, it has its own shortcomings as of now. These include lack of a fully tablet-optimized interface, option to up/down vote comments only by long-pressing on the selected item, inability to save personalized settings for the frontpage, no control over comment moderation (like most alternatives), no support for emotes, the alternative theme (Dark Night) barely works properly, no support for multiple accounts, offline browsing, and a rather tedious way in which it lets users access the comments and other several core features.


Reddit ET is available in the Google Play Store as a free and $3.10 Pro variant. Apart from being ad-free, the paid version lifts restrictions from several features, including canvas mode, swipe to browse posts, switching between landscape and portrait orientation, automatically clear app cache, and pinch-to-zoom gestures for images.

Download Reddit ET Free For Android

Download Reddit ET Pro For Android (Paid)

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