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Wolfram Alpha is a rather unique search engine, and can help a lot of users in getting more information on any subject in less time. If you don’t know what Wolfram Alpha is, it is a search engine that integrates content rather than results consisting of pages. The service comes up with a complete article related to any entered keyword, complete with images, text and related links. Although the service has got an iOS client and a web version, now you can search Wolfram Alpha even faster than before, if you have a jailbroken iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. Gesture control is all the rage these days, and the new tweak WolfRam Quick Search makes use of Activator gestures to let its users look for any Wolfram Alpha definition you want. Its like having a widget for the search service, waiting for you to perform the chosen gesture so that it can come into action.

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The association of Wolfram Alpha with iOS is nothing new, and the famous Siri makes use of the service as well, when asked certain questions. So, if you can use Siri to access Wolfram Alpha, why would you need a tweak like WolfRam Quick Search? There are plenty of reasons to that. For one thing, not everyone has an iPhone 4S, and even if you do, there is no fixed way of making Siri use Wolfram Alpha, as it makes the choice of its own accord. Other than that, the WolfRam Quick Search tweak accepts text input, which is much more effective than speaking to Siri. So, once you have installed WolfRam Quick Search on your iPhone (it is available in the BigBoss repo of the Cydia store), the next step is to set up the tweak’s Activator gesture. As with all gestures in Activator, the one for WolfRam can be configured by heading to the Activator menu in the stock Settings app. You can select any gesture you want, and once that has been done, you are ready to invoke the Quick Search box.

The WolfRam search box comes with two buttons accompanying it, and they are labeled Cancel and Look It Up. You can enter any term or phrase into the text box, and then hit the Look It Up button to navigate to related results. The results are shown in Safari (or whatever app you have chosen as your default browser), and if you don’t have the Wolfram Alpha app installed on your iDevice, a reminder will be displayed on the webpage before you can view the results for your query.

The functionality offered by WolfRam Quick Search is certainly useful, but the tweak has a minor problem plaguing it as well. WolfRam might cause the Springboard of your iPhone to crash a few times, but other than that, this free tweak certainly merits a download if you are a fan of Wolfram Alpha.

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