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If you have a lot of Cydia tweaks and apps installed on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch, your device is bound to start getting a little slow after some time. Mostly, the reason behind this lag is nothing really serious, and you can pin the problem down to something as simple as UI animations taking longer than usual to load, giving the appearance that your iPhone’s performance has diminished. So, even if you can put your finger on the problem, is there any possible way you can fix it? Well, maybe you can’t, but a 12 year old Cydia developer, iHackerMe, has certainly come up with a rather neat solution for these lagging animations. ClockWind is an awesome tweak (specially for older iOS devices), using which you will be able to control the speed of all system UI animations in iOS. The end result is that your iPhone will appear to be working faster, as less time will be spent on animations, and you will be taken to your desired OS destination in the blink of an eye.

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ClockWind is available in the BigBoss repo of the Cydia store as a free download, and once you have installed it to your iDevice, the tweak adds a new menu to the stock Settings app. Even before you navigate to the Settings menu for the tweak, you will be able to see the tweak in action. After the post-installation respring, all UI animations become a little faster than before, and this means that you will see a noticeable improvement in the general speed of your iPhone. This speed enhancement is due to the fact that ClockWind is set to Amazingly speedy by default. The tweak gives users the choice to select the factor by which they want the UI animation speed to increase or decrease. The fastest level available is named Hair Blowing Speed, which increases the speed ten times. It is also possible to use ClockWind to reduce animation speeds by choosing any level below Normal. Other than letting its users choose the animation speed, the ClockWind menu also has the option to retain normal animation speed during icon editing mode.

The animations affected by ClockWind include everything from opening of stock apps to navigating between different menus, and even tasks like sending of texts. Not only that, the tweak also influences animations in apps like Twitter and Facebook (or any app that uses the same animations as iOS’ UI one). ClockWind is almost a performance-enhancing tweak for iOS, as it does not actually improve your device’s performance, but will certainly make you feel like everything is working faster and smoother. Want to know another great thing about ClockWind? The tweak is available for the incredible price of $0!

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