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Photo sharing has really become popular among iOS users, thanks to services like Instagram, but there are still new apps coming out in the App Store that bring a whole new dimension to this genre of apps. Ptch is one such iPhone app that has been designed to let users share media after editing it, but rather than focusing on just photos, the app incorporates music, photos and videos into one short movie (called a “ptch”). You can apply a number of artistic effects to any ptch, and the media used to create it can be pulled from any of your social network accounts or the camera roll of your iDevice. In addition to having a sharing network of its own, the Ptch app lets users publish content to Facebook, Twitter, Viddy and a number of other similar services. Apart from that, if a shared ptch is public, users can re-share it after making changes of their own, too.

Ptch Stream  Ptch Details  Ptch Explore

Before you can use the app, you will need to have a Ptch account. There are two ways of creating a new account. You can either link your Facebook ID with Ptch for a more social experience, or there is the option to sign up via an email ID and a new password. Once you have logged in, the app takes you straight to its Stream section. Here, you can view presentations shared by other Ptch users, or those that are on your social network. Similarly, the Explore section features all the recent and popular Ptch shares, and you can browse through them with ease. From the thin bar below each ptch, users can add/view comments, add a post to their favorites or re-post it after editing. If a video is public, you can view its constituents by heading to its details page, and then make any changes that you like.

Ptch iOS  Ptch Styles

The real fun starts when you use Ptch to create a video of your own. The whole video creation procedure could have been a tad easier, but it is not overtly complicated by any means either. To get started, hit the Create button, which will take you to the Ptch editing screen. If you want to add photos from your device’s camera roll, hit the Photos button in the top bar. Alternatively, it is possible to pull photos from your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Tumblr accounts. Whichever method you choose to add photos or videos to your presentation, you just have to drag them from the top bar into the main area of the screen. It is possible to choose a filter for your entire presentation (though not for a single photo) by hitting the Styles button from the bottom bar. There aren’t a lot of filters available in Ptch, but that’s something we hope will improve in future updates.

Ptch Photo Edit  Ptch Music

In order to edit an individual image or video, you simply have to double-tap it. From the editing menu, you can add captions, choose the duration for which the image will be displayed or crop any picture. If the item being edited is a video clip, you can also choose the frames that you want to be displayed, and make the choice between retaining the video’s original sound or suppressing it with the ptch music. The Ptch music library has got a nice collection of songs that can be used as background tracks for your presentations. Once you are satisfied with everything, it is possible to share the video you just created, or you can simly save it to the app’s own Drafts section for your personal use.

Ptch is an iPhone-only app, and you can grab this new release for free if you are looking for an Instagram alternative that adds more spice to the mix, and can make use of videos.

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