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At times, jailbreak users just have to wonder that how anyone can survive on iOS without access to the Cydia store. Cydia tweaks, apps and themes play an important role in the lives of countless people who own jailbroken iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. Although there is a lot of quality content available in the jailbreak store, this is not the only factor that makes Cydia so useful for such a diverse range of users. It’s the sheer number of items present in the Cydia store that ensures there is always something there for everyone. The jailbreak store does have its fair share of annoying nuisances, like the fact that you have to wait for it to refresh every time it is launched, but overall, people tend to love it. Although Cydia provides its users with so many useful tweaks, when you come to think of it, there aren’t too many of them that enhance the store itself in any way. This is what makes Cydia-SearchNC a noteworthy release. This Notification Center widget will let you search the jailbreak store right from within the NC on your iPhone!

Cydia-Search NC Cydia  Cydia-Search NC Widget

Cydia-SearchNC is available as a free download in the ZodTTD & MacCiti repository of the Cydia store, but don’t worry, this is a public repo and you won’t have to do anything in order to get access to it (it is added in Cydia by default). Once you have installed the widget, you might have to respring your iPhone manually, as the tweak doesn’t have a respring prompt by default. You may want to make use of SBSettings for doing that. Once the screen of your iPhone is back on, go to the stock Settings app and enter the Notifications menu. In there, you will find the new Cydia-SearchNC toggle, which is switched off by default, and once you turn it on, the new widget appears in the Notification Center.

To perform the Cydia search, just tap the widget, which will make the keyboard appear, and enter your query. The tweak will open the Cydia app, with the results of your search visible there. If you were expecting the tweak to show you the results within the NC, then this is sure to be a bit disappointing for you. However, the Cydia search ensures updated results, as otherwise the store won’t have been updated, leaving you with only older entries.

So, if you use a lot of Cydia tweaks, and are always looking for new releases, Cydia-SearchNC is something that you just have to check out.

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