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There are a lot of themes available in the Cydia store that can be used to completely revamp the looks of your jailbroken iPhone or iPad. These themes, however, have one disadvantage: they change every aspect of your iOS device, and do not let users tinker with individual areas of the platform (not easily, at least). So, if you want to have complete control over your iDevice (and that’s exactly what jailbreak is for), then Aicon is a new cosmetic option you are sure to appreciate. This fresh Cydia app allows users to change the appearance of their Springboard icons in numerous ways. You don’t have to go through a lot of complicated steps to re-theme your icons, as the app has plenty of filters of its own. You can apply a new filter to all the icons with a single tap, and there is also the option to apply a combination of multiple filters simultaneously.

Aicon Menu  Aicon Effect

Aicon will be installed on your iPhone as a new app on the Springboard, and all the configuration has to take place through that app icon. When you launch the app, all the filters are listed there and you have to hit any of them to apply the changes to icons on your device’s Springboard. Here is a list of all the effects available in the Cydia app.

  • Sepia
  • Black n White
  • Glass
  • Saturate
  • Contrast
  • Invert
  • Vibrant
  • Gloomy
  • X-Ray
  • Hue
  • Exposure

Most of these effects are applied as soon as you select them, but if there is any problem, the app has a respring button of its own that will help users implement all the changes they have made. If you want to combine a few effects together in order to increase your choice, you can easily do that, too. Just apply one filter, and then hit the back button followed by the icon of the effect you want to mix the first one with. Aicon lets you combine as many effects as you want in this manner.

Aicon  Aicon Sepia Icons iOS

The effects offered by the app are not applied to new downloads automatically, and to customize those as well, you will have to hit the Revert To Originals button and then select the desired icons once again before hitting the Refresh All Icons button. Both these buttons will respring your iPhone, and once everything gets back to normal, you will have a renewed Springboard. This, we believe, is something of a nuisance, and the developer may want to improve on that.

Aicon fetches for $1.99 (a price that is completely justified once you take a peek at the results), and is compatible with both iPhone and iPad. The only area where it can use some improvement is the amount of available filters, and the developer of the app has promised to add more in future updates. We also won’t mind the capability to apply separate filters to individual icons. All in all, Aicon is a tweak that does not force you to change every aspect of your iDevice, while still giving you plenty of customization privileges.

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